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Cory McEachran Concept Manager


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Cory McEachran Concept Manager


Hot Dogs

We serve a 5th of a pound 100% all beef  dog!

Good Dog… $6

Dog and Bun, That's It!!

Lucky Louie… $7

Our dog topped with sauerkraut, shredded cheddar,

and crispy fried onions.

Chili Louie… $8

Savory, slightly sweet homemade chili sauce,

fresh cheddar cheese, and crispy fried onions.

Ruben Louie… $7

Delicious sauerkraut, freshly shredded Swiss cheese,

and Thousand Island dressing.

Chicago Dog… $7

A classic; Neon green relish, onions, tomatoes, pickle spear,

sport peppers, and celery salt. You add the mustard of your choice!

BLT Dog… $7

Our Good Dog topped with our Crispy Lettuce, Fresh Tomato

and Crispy Bacon. Topped with little mayo!

Bacon Guac… $8

Our Good Dog topped with some co-Jack shredded

cheddar cheese, a Health amount of Guacamole,

resh bacon crumbled and a hint of salsa!

Garnished with some crispy fried onions!

Elote Dog… $8

Our Good Dog topped with our house made

Mexican Street Corn Salad, Cotija Cheese,

Crispy Bacon and a few pieces of

crispy fried Jalapeños!


Sausages are locally sourced.

We serve a 5th of a pound sausages!

Daily Sausage selection is on a rotation!  

Below are a couple of the regulars.

Smoked Polish… $8

Topped with mild Chicago style giardiniera.


Topped with sautéed peppers & onions.


Get it Lucky Louie's Style with shredded

co-jack cheese, sauerkraut and topped

with crispy fried onions.

Italian Sausage… $8

Slow simmered in a marinara sauce.

Topped with sautéed peppers & onions.

Walking Taco's

Lucky's Walking Taco… $9

A bed of corn chips, cover with our signature chili Sauce,

shredded co-jack cheese, lettuce, salsa and topped with

Guacamole & Sour Cream.

Buddha's Walking Taco… $9

This is our Veggie option on the menu!!

A bed of crispy corn chips, topped with

Fire Roasted Peppers and Onions,

shredded Co-Jack cheese, lettuce, fresh salsa,

A scoop of our street corn salad, and topped with

Guacamole & Sour Cream.

As well as a little drizzle of green  Sriracha.


Bottled Water… $1

Soda (Cans) ... $2

                          Heavenly Holly's

    Artisanal Lemonade

                           20oz Glass...  $3

A family recipe, a delicious mix of Lemon, lime and orange juices.


Good Chips… $1

Fresh Side Selection

Mexican Street Corn Salad

Toasted corn kernels are mixed with Cotija cheese,

a bit of diced spicy jalapeños, and fresh cilantro.

Stirred in with a lightly seasoned garlic, lime,

and mayonnaise-based dressing.

4oz… $2                8oz… $4

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